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Advantages of a Support-Chat-Bot



Save a lot of time to your Support-Team!

This Live-Chat-Bot recognizes duplicate questions and can provide answers, which are generated automatically. You never have to answer a question twice!

This is a Live-Chat with the ability to learn, so if you want to, it will remember your answers!



There are different types of questions like there are different types of answers. So you are able to choose between a few types which end in different events.



No Messages get lost. All users have the option to get answers via email. Search results will be displayed as fallback too.



If you activate the Cross-Domain-option you will be able to include the Support-Chat on every Domain you want to.



There are multiple Designs included but you can set up your own Theme or just edit the Styles.


Predefined Answers

You can filter questions by special keywords and if there is a matching then you can show predefined answers.


Answers could be page-related, so you can define answers to questions for specific subpages.



All questions, answers, users and settings can be managed in the backend.



By adding Support-Users you set the option for Customers to contact them directly.



Allow users to take Screenshots of your page and send them via the Support-Chat.



Allow Users to upload Files into the Support-Chat.


Online User

Be able to track online Users and see exactly how many are online.



Code modules and add them to your live-chat and build your own serverside-rendered events to questions.



Protect your Bot from Spam by activating Spam-Protect in the Settings.



live-chat can be translated into any language. There is an english and german translation included.


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