eBook UI KIT is online reading book UI kit ,which will  lets you adjust fonts, font size, background colors, and other options.
The XML and JAVA files contains comments at each and every point for easy understanding.
Everything was made with a detail oriented style and followed by today’s Mobile trends. Clean coded & Layers are well-organized, carefully named, and grouped.
Change text, colors and graphics, add or place photos.

Customize every elements as much, or as little as you want. 

Customize elements (easy to edit)

100% free fonts 

Perfect pixel (high quality design) 


Following are feature included into Blue Paper UI kit

  • Login Screen
  • Walk through Screen
  • Detail Home page with Clean UI
  • Music player
  • Filter Screen
  •  My profile Page (My Library)
  • Search Page
  • Book detail page
  • Category page
  • Settings
  • And many more

Following are design as per user experience and have XML code for so design therefore will reduce your efforts in design and coding off  75+ in total working hours.


  • Android studio
  • Sketch
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