Ways to make money as a developer

Below you can find a list of ways you can make money as a developer. I’ve wrote these items a while back and I thought that people might find it valuable so I decided to share it with you. ūüėĄ

  • The most common is to have¬†a job¬†at a company or work as a¬†freelancer¬†for multiple clients
  • Create and sell¬†digital products¬†(plugins, components (in React, Angular, Vue, Bootstrap, etc), themes, etc)
  • build a SAAS (Software as a Service)
  • create¬†web,¬†mobile¬†and/or¬†desktop¬†apps where you can have¬†ads¬†or¬†in-app purchases
  • Create a¬†blog¬†and monetize it via:
    • ads (Google Adsense, carbonads, etc)
    • sponsorships
    • become an affiliate and promote other people‚Äôs products
    • promote your own products
    • get paid to write articles for publications
  • write and sell¬†ebooks¬†and/or physical¬†books*
  • create a¬†YouTube channel¬†(on topics like: tutorials, developer lifestyle, tips & tricks, news in the field, etc) and monetize it via:
    • YouTube ads
    • sponsorships
    • affiliate marketing
    • promote your own products
  • create online¬†courses¬†and/or online¬†programs
  • live stream (on Twitch, YouTube, etc) and monetize it via:
    • donations
    • monthly subscriptions
  • create a¬†podcast
    • sponsorship
    • promote your own products
  • work on Open Source projects and get¬†donations¬†and¬†sponsorships
  • create a¬†Patreon¬†page where people can support you
  • create a¬†job board¬†and get paid by companies to connect them with¬†developers,¬†designers, etc…
  • sell¬†swag
  • sell a¬†newsletter
  • have 1-on-1¬†coaching¬†sessions
  • create a¬†trading bot
  • participate in paid coding challenges
  • participate in bug bounty programs

Feel free to suggest anything else that should be added to the list!

Credit @Dev.to

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